Log line:

An insecure and apparently ill-equipped mob boss enlists the help of an eccentric hit man to 'take out' his girlfriend's lover who he presumes to have a significantly larger penis. Maybe, maybe not.

Crazy is a short film written and directed by Holt Boggs after watching Jim Cummings' short for Thunder Road. He'd been wanting to work with actor Brian Villalobos for a number of years and after watching the film HEAT for the umpteenth time, came up with this CRAZY idea. What if these two guys, from similar walks of life as the characters in the Michael Mann film, wanted something that was completely ridiculous?  It was important to Holt to utilize all the classic tropes of a thriller from the color, music score and the performances, making sure nothing be played for a laugh. 

A short while after starting preproduction, Holt was at a wrap party for a project he did with YouTube sensation Mark Fischbach (aka Markiplier) and the two started talking about the Crazy idea and Fischbach wanted to jump on board. For Holt, this was a match made in heaven and he is super excited to have Mark on board who has a pivotal cameo role in the film as well.


Poster Credit: Andrew Adams